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ASAP! Contact Your Senator Today! Senate holds test vote on access to contraception!

In an election year effort to put Republicans on record on reproductive rights issues, Senate Democrats are holding a vote Wednesday, June 5, to move forward with legislation designed to protect women’s access to contraception.

The test vote comes as the Senate has abandoned hopes for doing serious bipartisan legislation before the election and as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democrats are trying to instead spotlight issues that they believe can help them win the presidency and keep the Senate in November.

A similar vote on ensuring nationwide access to in vitro fertilization could come as soon as next week.

Neither bill is likely to pass the Senate, where Democrats would need 60 votes, much less the Republican-led House. But Schumer said Tuesday that Democrats will “put reproductive freedoms front and center before this chamber, so that the American people can see for themselves who will stand up to defend their fundamental liberties.”


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